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In this family of fish the head is bony and the elongated body is covered by large heavy scales with a mosaic pattern of canals. Arowanas are freshwater bony fish of the family osteoglossidae also known as bonytongues the latter name is now often reserved for arapaimidae.

Silver Arowana Freshwater Aquarium Fish Arizona Aquatic Gardens

Also known as the dragon fish monkey fish and occasionally misspelt as arawana and arahuana this fish is adored by many hobby aquarists.

Arowana. Of course you can purchase adult fishes if it fits your taste and budget. Any of several large tropical chiefly carnivorous freshwater fish family osteoglossidae and especially genera osteoglossum and scleropages of south america southeastern asia australia and africa that have large bony scales a toothed tongue and a large mouth with an oblique gape. While most consider the different varieties to belong to a single species work by pouyaud et al.

Many believe that arowanas bring good luck and fortune. Definition of arowana. It is recommended to purchase juvenile arowanas that are around 15 20cm 6 9 inches as this is the best size to groom your arowana.

Arowana are strong powerful swimmers and can be fairly aggressive at times. The asian arowana scleropages formosus comprises several phenotypic varieties of freshwater fish distributed geographically across southeast asia. The arowana is a long sleek streamlined fish of great beauty with a unique character.

They are considered a jurassic era species and have been around for over a 100 million years. The arowana has a bony head and a long powerful body. The silver arowana is a bony freshwater fish that is native to the south american amazon river basin.

Arowana are large and often aggressive with the potential of rapid growth. The arowana is large a freshwater fish that has relatively large scales and an impressive jumping ability earning it two nicknames the aforementioned water monkeys and also the dragon fish because of the way the light shines off its armor. Silver arowana jardini arowana leichardti arowana and blackblue arowanas.

Arowana general description sometimes referred to as the dragon fish arowanas are one of the most beautiful and most fascinating species of fish in the aquarium trade. 2003 differentiates these varieties into multiple species.

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